Custom Pet Portraits

I create custom pyrography pet portraits. I use a wood-burning pen to burn the image by hand into a 7" x 9" piece of wood. All I would need from you is an image I can work with. Preferably one that captures your dog’s “thing”. By that I mean when you think of your dog, the weird goofy thing they do, or the serious scowl they give you. Whatever your dog’s thing is, I’ll capture it.

These are wonderful for gifts and for capturing special memories.

Custom Pyrography Pet Portrait: $120 (shipping extra / local dropoff or pickup free)

Other sizes are available upon request.

The Social Cast Discount

I create training / burning videos for my social media. If you’re interested in allowing me to use footage of your dog, reach out to me here. I can’t promise I’ll be able to use your content. But if I do, I will reach out to you with a discount code for a free woodburning :)