Training sessions can be very rewarding. It's a bonding experience between you and your dog. It tires your dog out much faster than any physical exercise, believe it or not. And it gives your dogs the satisfaction of activating their instincts in ways that are appropriate.

I can help you with many types of training, including basic obedience / manners like sit, down, stay, come etc. leash reactivity, puppy socialization, and more. Enrichment solutions are so helpful. I can teach you and your family some simple, easy to establish games that make training fun and achievable.

How It Works

I would love to help you with your dog’s behavior. Sessions usually last about an hour. I can come to your residence, unless you'd prefer a different location. The first session usually establishes some basic understanding of issues you'd like to address as well as where to start with managing them. From there, we can build on anything you'd like with subsequent visits.

There is not always a simple answer though, even if it might seem that way. Because of that, I will need to gather a bit of information before we schedule the visit. Below is a form for you to fill out. Briefly tell me about your dog. I will respond as soon as I can. We'll take it from there.


Dog Training Session (Local In-Home Visit): $100 / $120 (If travel distance applies)
I will come to your residence and help you troubleshoot training and management of behavior. Sessions usually last about an hour. Each session will give you something to work on. Subsequent visits will build on what has been learned.

Dog Training Session (Virtual): $80 Using Zoom, FaceTime, or another video service of your choosing, we can meet face to face virtually for one hour to discuss your dog's behavior and ask any questions you might have.